Bryce Fox – “Blows”: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


This week’s ONErpm Hitmaker Alert is “Blows” by Bryce Fox! Born in Indiana, Bryce Fox is an American singer, songwriter and producer. His music can be described as a soulful and funky blend of bluesy modern rock and slick electro-pop.”Blows” is the fourth track from Fox’s sophomore album, Strength. Singles from this album include “Hate Myself”, “Golden Boy”, “Nasty”, and of course, “Strength”. These singles received plenty of positive attention, gathering over 2 million streams on Spotify between the four songs. Fox also boasts 16.3 thousand Instagram followers, and 1.1 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Strength, Fox’s April 8th release, comes straight from the heart. In an Instagram post about the album, Fox admits, “I’ve poured my soul into this project and I’m so excited for the world to finally hear it”. Although “Blows” is not a single, it has collected plenty of public attention. In fact, the track was picked for a Spotify playlist entitled, “License to Chill”. This playlist has over 400 thousand monthly listeners, so Fox’s fame will only continue to grow. But take a listen for yourself! We promise that when you hear this track, you will not think that it blows.Listen to “Blows” by Bryce Fox here:

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