Chloe Lilac — “Lily’s Backyard”: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


This week’s ONErpm Hitmaker Alert is Chloe Lilac’s “Lily’s Backyard.” Chloe Lilac is a young singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York. The indie/rock star started her journey as Soundcloud artist. However, growing recognition has led to her touring with artists like Bryce Vine and Pom Pom Squad.

“Lily’s Backyard” is the first track on Chloe’s latest EP, You Were Good To Me. In an interview with UCLA Radio, Chloe says, “This mixtape is all about losing the people you love most. It can be hard to let go when people come in and out of your life; you could feel betrayed, you could feel heartbreak, you could feel anger, but at the end of the day, it all comes back to love.” “Lily’s Backyard” conveys these feelings by featuring heavy electric guitar and emotive lyrics and vocals. Watch the official music video below!

Tune into 100.1 FM or go to to hear “Lily’s Backyard” by Chloe Lilac as our ONErpm Hitmaker Alert. Be sure to let us know your thoughts!