Devon – “Bullets”: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


This week’s ONErpm Hitmaker Alert is “Bullets” by Devon! Devon is a 22 year old artist from The Forest of Dean in England. As he comes from a quiet town, he takes it upon himself to write and produce all of his music on his own. This D.I.Y way of thinking has become a large part of Devon’s identity as an artist. For example, Devon incorporates F.O.D. (Forest of Dean) on his clothing and in his artwork as a symbol of who he is and where he comes from. Furthermore, his fans do the same!

Devon recalls his time in school as a time of feeling unsafe to express his passion for music. After staying quiet about his passion, Devon now encourages those who come into contact with his music to be themselves and to follow their passion despite whoever may cast judgement on that. He encourages the public to try new things, and not to let the mundane hold them back.

“Bullets” is the first release by Devon in around a year. He has noted on social media that a music video for “Bullets” will be coming soon, but for now you can listen to the audio here:

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