Levitation Room “Heaven” – ONErpm Hitmaker Alert

Levitation Room
Levitation Room "Heaven" - ONErpm Hitmaker Alert

“Heaven” by Levitation Room is our ONErpm Hitmaker this week! 

Reigning from Los Angeles, the four-piece have been able to create atmospheric songs unlike anything currently on the charts. Formed nearly a decade ago, Levitation Room has mastered making a sonically dreamy song with Earth-shattering lyrics. “Heaven” is truly no exception. 

Members Julian Porte, Gabriel Fernandez, Jonathan Martin, and Kevin Perez know exactly how to write and produce a memorable track. They’ve been able to expertly combine the shoegaze genre of today’s indie scene with the iconic 1960’s psychedelic rock crave. “Heaven,” the first track of their newest album Strange Weather, is a psychedelic love song at its core. 

The song ends with a guitar riff that is bound to be absolutely otherworldly when played live. The quartet has been able to create a cohesive album that can be morphed from a self-produced album to an electrifying live show without much work.Strange Weather, although only being a little over a half hour in length, is a culmination of the band’s discography. From enchanting and oddly discomforting cover art to hypnotic choruses, Levitation Room is a powerful entity in the industry. 

Listen to “Heaven” below! 

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