Mipso “Carolina Rolling By” – ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


North Carolina band Mipso has a new take on stomp and holler. After debuting in 2013, the group continues to captivate audiences with their sound. The band is composed of four unique musicians including Libby Rodenbough (Fiddle), Jacob Sharp (Mandolin), Joseph Terrel (Guitar), and Wood Robinson (Bass). Together, with producer Sandro Perri, they were able to create a unique expansive feel to their new music. 

North Carolina’s Echo Mountain is where they recorded their song “Carolina Rolling By.” The setting fitting because this song beautifully describes the sweeping landscape of the band’s home state. The song is able to highlight each instrument throughout the piece. The fiddle flows throughout the track, mimicking the flowing mountains of the Carolina scenery. The mandolin is able to evoke a comforting feeling that brings out the traditional-folk sound of the band.

Released June 9th, “Carolina Rolling By” is an ode to Mipso’s home. Carefully crafted with dynamic harmonies, this new release is not one to miss. Check out the track below!

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