Okey Dokey “Whisp” – ONErpm Hitmaker Alert 

Okey Dokey
Okey Dokey "Whisp" - ONEprm Hitmaker

Lightning 100 proudly presents “Whisp” by Okey Dokey as our first ONErpm Hitmaker of 2024! 

Okey Dokey is a Nashville-based duo who are redefining the boundaries of genres. Their discography is the perfect blend of pop lyricism and indie-rock-meets-psychedelia sonics. This allows the band to craft tracks that feel atmospheric and dreamy. “Whisp,” a track on their newest album, is a prime example of their ability to create a sound that’s uniquely their own.

Reigning as the sixth track of Complicated Handshake, “Whisp” highlights the experimental and smooth sound they’re known for. Sitting at the half-way point of the album, “Whisp” is a powerful segue into the second half of the LP. With Johny Fisher’s guitar licks and Aaron Martin’s lyrics, the song is able to soar and be a powerhouse track on the record. Perhaps the cherry on top is the addition of producer Jonathan Rado’s heavy hitting synths. It’s a standout song from the record,featuring an easily memorable beat and a chorus bound to get stuck in your head.

Okey Dokey understands the importance of connection with fans and have curated their sound with this in mind. “The music listening experience should not be one-sided,” Fisher notes. “To listen is to participate, and we, as the conduit of art, invite whoever hears our music, whether at a show, on vinyl, or a streaming platform, to come into our world and be a part of music.” This creates the ability to make their artistry an all-encompassing experience; from live shows, to vinyl sleeves, to song lyrics, Okey Dokey has the ability to welcome fans into their creative headspace.

Listen to “Whisp” by Okey Dokey- this week’s ONErpm Hitmaker below: 

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