Smallpools — “Life of the Party”: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


Much to the excitement of fans, Nashville indie rockers Smallpools released the upbeat anthem “Life of the Party” in the beginning of June. It comes after their recent single “Science Fiction” and it’s a great preview of their upcoming second album Life in a Simulation, out October 15. The song features trademark indie rock guitar riffs on top of punchy electronic beats, but the lyrics speak of paranoia and a relationship gone sour. We’ll be spinning “Life of the Party” all weekend as we feature the band as our ONErpm Hitmaker! 

“Life of the Party” is a product of the creativity that can flourish during difficult times. In this instance, it was the March 2020 tornado and the COVID-19 quarantine that followed. “Our friend, Dave, came by to write with us, and I just remember feeling some serious eeriness around what was happening outside of the walls of the apartment. I built a quick little loop in Logic that I felt was representative of the uneasiness we were all feeling and the song pretty much wrote itself,” guitarist Mike Kamerman told EarMilk.

The music video for the song shows the band persevering through the harassment of a herd of oranges, which eventually results in a lot of citrus-aimed violence. Whether or not this is a metaphor for something bigger or just a statement about the band’s least favorite fruit, it makes for an interesting companion piece to the song. Check it out below!

You can catch the band at Exit/In with Morgxn on November 18th. Until then, tune in all weekend long at 100.1 FM or to hear “Life of the Party” by Smallpools as our #ONErpmHitmaker. Be sure to let us know your thoughts! Tweet at us @Lightning100 and share your take on the track.