Smallpools-“Migraine”: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


The tone created by Smallpools’ latest EP, Migraine, is a great testament to the skill and continued growth of the band ever since their debut single “Dreaming” (2013). Consisting of Sean Scanlon (vocals), Mike Kamerman (guitar), and Beau Kuther (drums). These musicians have continued to expand and perfect their versatility of sound.

As with many good things, it took a bit of luck for these three band members to find their own perfect harmony. Smallpools was the lucky outcome after Mike K. and Sean S., elaborating during a Donyc interview. Had grown tired of their “dull day jobs and cold weather”. They decided to move across the country to Los Angeles. Consequently, Beau K. had the same idea and traveled from Oregon, after which the future of Smallpools was basically inevitable.

During an interview with Donyc, the band reiterated their excitement for their growing fan base. Eagerly responding that, “It feels great to be able to play a full set of music to a room full of people who actually want to hear it!”. Summing up in the same vein that, “We want everyone to leave a Smallpools show feeling good about themselves and sharing the feeling with someone else.”. This indie-pop band is ready to play for everyone, and it sounds as though everyone is eager to listen!

“Migraine” is arguably a ‘chiller’ approach, departing from the quick beats and high energy of “Dreaming”. Smallpools approaches “Migraine” much the way, for instance, someone with a migraine might want to listen to music. Quietly energetic, this indie rock tune pours over you with feelings of introspection and nostalgia.

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