The Orphan The Poet – “Feelin’ Good (Could Be Better)”: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


“Feelin’ Good (Could Be Better)” by The Orphan The Poet is this week’s ONErpm Hitmaker Alert! The Orphan The Poet is an alternative duo composed of David Eselgroth and Jake Floyd. They are self-described as “two bffs making alternative music for you”. Their latest single, “Feelin’ Good (Could Be Better)”, is their first release since 2019. In fact, their prior release is an EP entitled “Queen Cobra”, to which the title track has received over one million streams on Spotify!

The Orphan The Poet celebrates plenty of success as of late, with 15,000 followers on social media and a newly signed record deal. With this record deal, TOTP joins the Riptide Music Group and Matt Squire Music family. Furthermore, TOTP excitedly celebrates their first billboard, located in their home state of Ohio! On a post that the band shared regarding the billboard, Jake Floyd comments, “I’m just so happy”.

You know you want to be a part of this band’s journey, and the best way to dive in is to start with this single, “Feelin’ Good (Could Be Better)”! For easy access, ONErpm has links to the song on all your streaming platforms here!

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