Wilfred “misty harbor.memo” – ONErpm Hitmaker Alert 

Wilfred "misty harbor.memo" - ONErpm Hitmaker Alert

“misty harbor.memo” by Wilfred is our ONErpm Hitmaker of this week!

Wilfred is the passion project of North Carolina native Bryan Wilhite. “misty harbor.memo” was written about a small town on the coast of Maine. Wilfred was able to craft the tracks within his first six days of living in the quaint town. It stands as a reminder that there is beauty and serenity in the physical places you find yourself. 

This song was recorded live on his voice memos. The rawness and authenticity of the song bleeds through every line. There is something so organic and natural about the production of the entire EP, memos from misty harbor drive. “misty harbor.memo,” stands as the last song from the EP. It is a beautiful end to the six-song collection. There’s a lasting feeling of peace that lingers when the EP is over. In this way, it extends further than your listening time. 

It may be a short EP – only reigning at seventeen minutes – but it’s a perfectly digestible amount. Just short enough you’ll want to listen to it again, but still long enough to leave a lasting impact on the listener.

Wilfred is a soulful voice in the indie and folk scenes. He has continually created music laced with deep and sentimental imagery. It’s reminiscent of a place you’ve always dreamed of. A place you didn’t even know you were missing. His sound is unique and perfectly blends storytelling with inspiring and emotional lyrics. He is certainly a rising artist to watch.

Listen to “misty harbor.memo” below! 

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