Deerhunter at The Cannery Ballroom [photos]


Faye Webster opened up for a somewhat rusty Deerhunter this past Friday night at The Cannery Ballroom. Deerhunter started their set with the title track from the 2007 album Cryptograms followed by a hefty dose of songs from the band’s latest Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? which was released last month. Later into the show there appeared to be a few mishaps and long breaks between songs, but Bradford Cox, lead singer of the self-described “Atlanta-based experimental rock band”, filled the void with engaging impromptu chatter regarding such topics as Roy Acuff while his band members tuned their instruments or untangled their equipment. During the encore, Cox resorted to referencing lyrics on his phone when his memory failed him, but he owned it saying jovially he didn’t care, it was the first night of the tour.  Despite a few snafus, the band sounded amazing and packed crowd was treated to the first live performance (per Bradford) of “Coronado” from 2010’s Halcyon Digest. 

Written and Photography by James Banker


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