Half Christmas Beer Fest 2016 [Photos]


Thanks to everyone that attended the third annual Half Christmas Beer Fest!  Check out how weird we got this year at Pavilion East.

IMG_8423 IMG_8433
IMG_8440 IMG_8447 IMG_8455 IMG_8458 IMG_8483 IMG_8489 IMG_8499 IMG_8506 IMG_8526 IMG_8535 IMG_8539 IMG_8545 IMG_8565 IMG_8571 IMG_8573 IMG_8583 IMG_8589 IMG_8590 IMG_8598 IMG_8599 IMG_8609 IMG_8614 IMG_8618 IMG_8619 IMG_8620 IMG_8625 IMG_8632 IMG_8638 IMG_8642 IMG_8645 IMG_8652 IMG_8655 IMG_8657 IMG_8662 IMG_8664 IMG_8667 IMG_8673 IMG_8678 IMG_8682 IMG_8692 IMG_8705 IMG_8706 IMG_8707 IMG_8710 IMG_8715 IMG_8726 IMG_8727 IMG_8738 IMG_8741 IMG_8743 IMG_8744 IMG_8750 IMG_8751 IMG_8753 IMG_8761 IMG_8763 IMG_8769 IMG_8779 IMG_8792 IMG_8812 IMG_8814 IMG_8818 IMG_8836 IMG_8853 IMG_8855 IMG_8878 IMG_8881 IMG_8888 IMG_8893 IMG_8906

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