Reservations with HoneyFire BBQ


This week on Reservations with Lightning in the morning, we welcome Chef Shane Nasby of HoneyFire BBQ. They offer traditional favorites, like classic smoked meats and southern sides, as well as some unexpected surprises: creative new dishes, yummy options for vegetarians, allergy-friendly foods, a great kids menu and more.

When Grand Champion BBQ Pitmaster Shane Nasby started sharing his award-winning dishes, it didn’t take long for catering requests to roll in. Soon, Shane quit his day job to start HoneyFire Kitchen, a premier provider of catering services in middle Tennessee. Now, he’s opening a brand new brick and mortar location in Bellevue this summer!

He brought some of their delicious chicken wings for our staff to taste test, and they did not disappoint. Listen to the full interview below. Flavored by Springer Mountain Farms!

Click here to listen to the full interview with HoneyFire BBQ