Reservations with Tánsuŏ


This week, we welcome Chef Matt Gille of Tánsuŏ Nashville on Reservations with Lightning in the Morning.

Meaning ‘to explore’ in Cantonese, Tánsuŏ serves as an exploration of contemporary Chinese cuisine reminiscent of China’s night markets and traditional street fare. Sous Chef Matt Gillie uses humble ingredients presented in an extraordinary way with dishes including Kung Pao Cauliflower with dried apricot, candied walnut, sambal chili paste; Hangzhou Late Night Noodles with ground pork, smoked tofu, preserved greens, oyster mushroom, wheat noodles; Hainan Chicken Bao with confit chicken, cucumbers, chili paste on steamed bao buns; and Peking Duck, the classic whole roasted duck. Listen to the complete interview below!

Reservations with Lightning 100 is flavored by Springer Mountain Farms.

Click here to listen to the full interview with Tánsuŏ