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Dish of the Day


Spring Farm chicken liver patee with a bit of pork added inside, flavored with tygon and challots.

Salad made with a mix of five different types of artisan salads that compliment each other. Add sweet pickle bits, cherry tomatoes, purple basil pesto, smoked salmon, cured with apple woods, hochvoc cheese (incorrect spelling of a type of french cheese that is difficult to pronounce/spell), poached eggs with fresh baguette on the side.


Beef Tartere – similar to beef tenderloin, it’s a tender beef dish often found in Persian restaurants. Served with toasted bri with honey to go with baguette on the side.

Dessert: Gluten free Raspberry Lemon Macaroons made in house with almond flour, sugar and egg whites.

Anyone with a type of special diet can find something off the menu at Chateau West to enjoy because there are no additives and a wide range of food choices.

Bio on Chef Alain Treville

Born & raised in Bergerac in the Périgord region of France, Executive Chef Alain Treville has now moved to Nashville & has started his career here with an impressive display of skill & love of his craft. One meal at Château West is all one needs to taste the true flavor of France. Chef Treville starts every day making fresh baguettes, brioche & gougères.  The gougères are either dipped in a trio of fondue or served with buttery, garlicky escargot, while the baguettes are served with everything from the Chèvre Croustillant to the foie gras terrine which, of course, is made in house. Every aspect of a quality meal for chef Treville involves using only the freshest ingredients prepared with care, attention to detail & proper technique.  An impeccable résumé  to go with an impeccable experience at the most authentique  French restaurant in Nashville.

3408 West End Ave
Nashville, TN
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