Lightning 100’s Secret Show: Cage The Elephant

Matt Shultz
Matt Shultz from Cage The Elephant. Photo by Von Reisch.

The Dream Hotel has a secret, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. They held the most exclusive concert in music city last Thursday, and it was extraordinary. There were thousands of entries to win tickets to this Cage the Elephant secret show, and only 200 people got in.

Collected in Printers Alley, a few lucky fans dodged the rain and ventured through the back of the Dream Hotel. What was waiting for them through the inconspicuous doorway was a secret show they will never forget.

Photo by Von Reisch

Once inside Dirty Little Secret, you encounter the cool red glow reflecting off the excited faces of the fans. Not only were people coasting off the excitement for the show, but the venue was also a unique experience in itself. The bright red room will take your breath away, and no one waited to take advantage of this Instagram-worthy opportunity.

After collecting their cocktails from the full bar, everyone cozied around the stage in anticipation of this secret performance by these internationally acclaimed rockers. By the time the crowd took their first sips, the band packed onto the stage. All eyes immediately found Matt Shultz, a man of many hats. Shultz strolled out like an onion, concealed by several layers of elaborate regalia from head to toe. What followed was a manic burlesque show of him removing layers to the rhythm of the music.

Matt Shultz Costume Changes:

3 hats, 2 coats, and 3 shirts later, it became clear that what was originally supposed to be a 30-minute set was now a full concert. This intimate concert featured a satisfying mix of Cage classics and beloved deep cuts (setlist included below). The whole audience invested in the show and sang along to the familiar words. By the end of the performance, there wasn’t a single body that wasn’t moving in tandem with the music. No one wanted it to end, and the crowd pleaded for an encore. Matt Shultz indulged the fans with a tender acoustic set. It was the cherry on top of this already unforgettable performance.

Cage the Elephant Secret Show Set List:

  1. Ready to Let Go
  2. Cold, Cold, Cold
  3. Social Cues
  4. Tokyo Smoke
  5. Trouble
  6. Skin and Bones
  7. Telescope
  8. House of Glass
  9. Come A Little Closer
  10. Shake Me Down
  11. Cigarette Daydreams
  12. Love’s The Only Way (Acoustic)
  13. Goodbye (Acoustic)

Seeing Cage the Elephant live never gets old. There is no denying the band’s stage presence, they used every spare inch of the crowded stage could offer. To describe Matt Shultz’ choreography is an impossible task; you’ll just have to watch the video yourself and help come up with suggestions in the comments. After seeing the intimate performance, it is clear that whether they’re performing for 200 people or 100,000, Cage the Elephant will deliver a theatrical and chaotic show.

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Here are some pictures of the lucky winners for this giveaway:

Written By Delaney Fanning