Flip flops, late nights and water fights, summer has officially begun! There’s nothing better than a frosty beer to accompany you on each summertime escape. As tempuratures keep rising in Middle Tennessee, Lightning 100’s Summer Sips will guide you through the best brews to keep your days cool. Tune in each weekday at 6:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. from August 9 through August 20 as Jayson and Matt Leff from Rhizome Productions taste and discuss this summer’s must-try beers!

Lightning 100’s Summer Sips is brewed up by Lipman Brothers, Rhizome Productions and Lightning 100.  Enjoying Summer Sips? Check out our Holiday Hops and Brews In Bloom series.


Recent Episodes

Brews Summer Style 2021: Ep. 10 – Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Strawberry Ale

The last episode of our Brews Summer Style series originated right here in the South! The Lexington Brewing Co.'s Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Strawberry Ale is the closing feature of this year. Aged for 6 weeks in bourbon barrels with real strawberries, the sweetness of the berries makes for a refreshing addition. This brew has an IBU of 19 and ABV of 8%. Lexington Brewing Co. recommends trying the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Strawberry Ale with light summer dishes. Sweets such as ice cream and milk chocolate are perfect for this sweet brew. They even suggest using the beer in chocolate and vanilla floats. For bourbon fans this is a must...

Brews Summer Style 2021: Ep. 9 – Ayinger Bavarian Pilsner

Today's feature, Ayinger Bavarian Pilsner, comes from a family who has been brewing the finest beer for over 130 years. Bavaria, "the homeland of beer", is where generations of Inselkammers have carried on this family trade. The Bavarian Pils is actually a newer brew for the family, and the perfect addition to their collection. Merchant du Vin describes the taste as "a fruitful barley harvest, seasoned with noble hops: a brisk golden lager with snappy hop aroma and velvety-soft malt flavor, from locally-grown barley." Despite the cancellation of Munich's Oktorbefest, four-packs of Ayinger Bavarian Pilsner are still available on this side of the pond. For those looking for a lower...

Summer Sips Episode 10: Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc

Just in time for Bastille Day, Jayson and Matt from Rhizome Productions are saying bonjour to one last beer, before saying au revoir to the Summer Sips series! On the finale, the guys are capping off ten great beers with a twist on the classic from Kronenbourg. A French blanc beer, the Kronenboug 1664 Blanc is a wheat beer with citrusy notes of orange and just a touch of toasted coriander spice. If you're farmiliar with the classic Kronenbourg 1664 pilsner, this summery take on the globally loved brew is a great one to try! True to the French style, this is best enjoyed ice cold in the company of...

Summer Sips Episode 9: Braxton Brewing Company Summertrip

As the series is getting close to its end, Jayson and Matt from Rhizome Productions are keeping the great seasonal brews coming. Braxton Brewing Company is serving up something perfectly summer, scientifically designed for a scorching summer in Middle Tennessee! Plus, a fruity flavor the guys haven't encountered yet this summer. Braxton Brewing Company's Summertrip is sure to be a crowd pleaser this summer. A german style sour (similar to a gose but with none of the saltiness) it's a tart wheat ale with the great addition of real passionfruit! A little sweet and a little tart, it is definitely crisp, clean and refreshing. With just a hint of wheat,...

Summer Sips Episode 8: Terrapin Beer Company Watermelon Gose

Back again for the next episode of Summer Sips, Jayson and Matt from Rhizome Productions have a new brew to get you through the dog days of this Nashville summer! Terrapin Beer Company is not new to the Lightning 100 seasonal beer specials, but they have absolutely nailed it with this one. Terrapin Beer Company's Watermelon Gose is a summer special that is perfect for a hot day. Remniscent of the star of the first episode of Summer Sips. This fruity favorite packs all the sweet, salty, and sour goodness of a whole watermelon into one can! Goes great with seafood or can be tossed in a backpack to take...
NOLA Brewing Tangerine Wheat

Summer Sips Episode 7: NOLA Brewing Tangerine Wheat

We're headed to New Orleans on this episode of Summer Sips. NOLA Brewing's Tangerine Wheat is not your average citrus beer. Crisp, clear, clean and full of real tangerine, the American wheat ale is one just one way NOLA natives try to beat the swampy heat. Listen below as the guys dish out flavor profiles, traveling suggestions and seafood advice. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bw2kRQeg8sD/

Summer Sips Episode 6: Left Hand Brewing Company Flamingo Dreams Nitro

Today, the guys taste Left Hand Brewing Company's Flamingo Dreams Nitro, a real treat for raspberry-loving Jayson. Canned with nitrous oxide instead of carbon dioxide, this beer has a smoother and creamier head than your typical stout. Heavy on the raspberry but with a hint of black currant, Flaming Dreams Nitro is a great balance of sweet and tart, straight out of Colorado! Hear the complete episode below. https://www.instagram.com/p/BzL1Y1nldGi/

Summer Sips Episode 5: Moosehead Grapefruit Radler

This week, Matt and Jayson sample Moosehead Breweries' Grapefruit Radler. Super sweet and packed with 15% real grapefruit juice, this radler is sure to please fans of fruity beer. The 4% ABV makes it an ideal crushable beer, great for summer sipping or mixing with liquor. Hear the full interview below. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bwr0ZjNFgop/

Summer Sips Episode 4: Stone Brewing Enjoy

Today's patriotic edition of Summer Sips features Stone Brewing Company's Enjoy By 07.04.19. California's Stone Brewing brews a series of "drink by date" IPAs, but the hazy, unfiltered Enjoy By 07.04.19 IPA might be the best! With tropical notes of peach and mild hops, this beer is here for a good time, not a long time! https://www.instagram.com/p/BzEDCAkJRI_/

Summer Sips Episode 3: Cigar City Brewing After-Sesh Ale

Today, Matt and Jayson taste Cigar City Brewing's After-Sesh Ale. Cigar City partnered with Skatepark of Tampa to create this crisp beer with hints of lime, orange and salt. With a relatively low ABV, this is the perfect summertime brew. It brings the beach to you with a little bit of Florida sunshine in each can! A portion of After-Sesh Ale's sales benefit Boards for Bros, a nonprofit dedicated to rebuilding and distributing skateboarding equipment to underserved youth in Tampa, Floria. Not that you need an excuse to drink good beer, but now you can support a good cause while you're at it. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bxc3XRgFhjn/