Brews Summer Style 2021: Ep. 9 – Ayinger Bavarian Pilsner


Today’s feature, Ayinger Bavarian Pilsner, comes from a family who has been brewing the finest beer for over 130 years. Bavaria, “the homeland of beer”, is where generations of Inselkammers have carried on this family trade. The Bavarian Pils is actually a newer brew for the family, and the perfect addition to their collection. Merchant du Vin describes the taste as “a fruitful barley harvest, seasoned with noble hops: a brisk golden lager with snappy hop aroma and velvety-soft malt flavor, from locally-grown barley.”

Despite the cancellation of Munich’s Oktorbefest, four-packs of Ayinger Bavarian Pilsner are still available on this side of the pond. For those looking for a lower calorie options, this beverage is only 140 calories. With an ABV of 5.4% and 32 IBU, less bitterness means this is a drink everyone can enjoy!

Hear all the info in the audio below:

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