Hoptober 2022 Day 9: Samuel Smith Old Brewery – Tadcaster Taddy Porter


It’s Day 9 of Hoptober 2022! Today DJ Stephanie and Matt Leff from Rhizome Productions are tasting Samuel Smith Old Brewery’s Tadcaster Taddy Porter.

Samuel Smith Brewery was established in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, England in the mid-1700s. Matt also shares with Stephanie that Samuel Smith was one of the first independently produced imported beers to America. The Taddy Porter, a spin on the English Porter, is the brewery’s signature beer.

The Taddy Porter is a 5% ABV, and is deceptively light for a dark beer. With notes of raisins and prunes, the brew is dark, malty and all the things you want from a fall beer.

Samuel Smith recommends you drink this beer at precisely 55 degrees to get the best flavor experience. Our beer expert, Matt, says leaving it out of the fridge for 10 – 15 minutes before drinking can help you achieve that peak.

You can listen to the whole Hoptober segment on the Samuel Smith Old Brewery Taddy Porter below:

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