The 615 – 3/18/19


This week on The615 Casey’s out sick, but that isn’t stopping Hammel from playing tracks from The Harmaleighs, Teddy and The Rough Riders, Vacation Manor, and more! You’ll also hear this week’s Local Artist of the Week, The Daybreaks! Tune in at every Monday from 6:15pm to 8:00pm for The615!  Special thanks to our sponsors at Daddy’s Dogs, and Zero to 60 by AGD.

  • The Daybreaks – Bad Vibrations (Local Artist of the Week)
  • James Droll – Cut My Teeth (Hammel’s DJ Pick) (ONErpm)
  • Super Duper (feat. Madi Diaz) – Open Eyes
  • Thunder Lily – Stay With You
  • The Harmaleighs – Sorry, I’m Busy (ONErpm)
  • Pineapple Tours – Did U Laugh?
  • Michael Nau –  No Quit
  • Zuma – Love You Can’t Steal
  • Teddy and The Rough Riders – I Found Somethin’
  • Trent Dabbs – Babe, It Just Happens
  • Veaux – Wander
  • Gatlin – Maniac
  • Vacation Manor – Move On
  • Matthew Perryman Jones – Anything Goes
  • Sad Baxter – Believe Me
  • Tape Deck Mountain – Iqu
  • Temple Wildlife – Walking in My Sleep (Flooded)
  • Love You Later – Harder on Myself
  • Don Gallardo – Something I Gotta Learn
  • Darrin Bradbury – All My Best Friends Are Cigarettes
  • Molly Rocket – Everybody’s Sweaty All The Time


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