The 615 – 4/23/18


On this week’s episode of The615 Adam and Hammel talk about so many of the great upcoming shows here in Nashville and some new merch from Project 615 to benefit the families of the Waffle House shooting victims. Hear fresh tunes from Local Artist of the Week Andrew Leahey and the Homestead, Tayls, and Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes on this week’s The615!

Start the Dance by Andrew Leahey and the Homestead

Up & Down by Patrick Sweany

Change Your Mind by Tayls

Our Apartment by Bantug

All In by Cherub

Miami Baby by Jet Black Alley Cat

Same Old Eyes by Savannah Conley

My Love (The Storm) by Amanda Shires

Sweet Talk by The Minks

Putting On Airs by Erin Rae

Wild by The Lonely Biscuits

We Create by Whoa Dakota

Beginning to Stay by Great Peacock

On The Sly by The Nobility

Easy To Be Free by Jon Byrd and Byrd’s Auto Parts

Nevermind by Dennis Lloyd

Soft by Bill Eberle

Dirt To Dust by Allen Thompson Band

Lovers On Display by Natalie Hemby

Wonder Woman by Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes