The 615 – 5/28/18


On this edition of  The 615 Adam is joined by a special guest DJ, Julia of The Foxies. They discuss her upcoming performance at Bonnaroo, avoiding heat stroke, what to do on Broadway and more! You’ll hear a track from Lightning 100’s Local Artist of the Week, Lukr, one from The New Respects, and Patzy. For great local music listen to The 615 every Monday at 6:15pm.

  • Big Kids by Lukr
  • License to Drive by Hotel Union
  • Backseat by Charli Adams
  • Whatever Blows Your Hair Back by Republican Hair
  • Be Afraid Boy by The Foxies
  • Freedom by The New Respects
  • Now or Never by Arc & Stones
  • Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Vanessa Carlton
  • Blank Bangs by Patzy
  • Whittle You Down by Lauren Farrah
  • Over You by Mark Scibilia
  • Crystalline by Morning Teleportation
  • Do You Ride by Caleb Groh
  • Slippery by Human Heat
  • Lost and Lonesome by James and The Wild Spirit
  • Tambourine by Mr. Gabriel
  • Don’t Bring Me Flowers by Elise Davis
  • Of Course by The Future