The 615 – 6/11/18


This week on the 615 Adam is joined by guest co-host Jerry Pentecost. They discuss Jerry’s musical journey, Bonnaroo, and more. You’ll hear tracks from Amanda Shires, Sinclair, and the premier of Crease Reader’s “Full Sun Prism Blues”! Listen to the full episode below and tune in to The 615 every Monday night at 6:15pm!

  • I Know by Alanna Royale
  • Bad For You by Groh
  • Full Sun Prism Blues by Crease Reader
  • Leave It Alone by Amanda Shires
  • SMX by Sinclair
  • Friend by Camden
  • Boss Lady by Wendy Child
  • Thunder Clatter by Wild Cub
  • 40 Watt by Elel
  • Be Your Man by De Novo Dahl
  • Like Lust Should by Greg Adams
  • Blue Room by Doug Allen
  • No One’s Gonna Know by Tristen
  • License To Drive by Hotel Union
  • Southern Cross by Ron Pope