Aaron Frazer — Can’t Leave It Alone: DJ Pick of the Week


Today’s DJ Pick of the Week goes to Aaron Frazer for his single “Can’t Leave It Alone”. This track is featured on Frazer’s debut album, Introducing…,which was released this January. Produced by Dan Auerbach, “Can’t Leave It Alone” is a retro pop track about reflecting on an ex. 

“I have a soft spot for the mid 2000s hip hop with marching band vibes,” Frazer explained in a recent statement. “It just takes me back to the formative songs I heard emanating from 92.3 on my boombox.” He then went on to name a few examples such as Yun Wun’s “Tear it Up”. “’Can’t Leave it Alone’ is an on-again-off-again anthem for people who can’t seem to call it quits with their exes. Sometimes when they’re wrong, it feels extra right.” 

Introducing… was recorded here in Nashville at Auerbach’s antique studio. The album features 12 unique tracks ranging from gospel to disco to doo-wop. Check out “Can’t Leave It Alone” below! 

“After causing all the misery 

Wonder do you ever think of me?

My love for you is such a mystery

You do it every time 

Can’t leave it alone” 

Lyrics from “Can’t Leave It Alone” by Aaron Frazer

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