Al Green “Perfect Day” – Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week

The track tells of the awe-inspiring within the mundane, much like Green's hits of the 1970s. 

Al Green Perfect Day

Rev’s DJ pick of the week is “Perfect Day” by Al Green.

Al Green, of course, needs no introduction. Many know him by his classics, such as “Let’s Stay Together,” “Simply Beautiful,” and “Take Me to the River.” With this cover of Lou Reed’s 1972 track, Green proves he is still one of the greatest voices in R&B music. Returning to the studio for the first time in five years, he wastes no time. Green masterfully morphs Reed’s crooning vocal into a soulful storytelling while retaining the conversational tone of the original.

With background vocals from alternative R&B artist RAYE, the song is shaped into a retro Soul/R&B work. The piano and strings are replaced by an organ and electric guitar, and the rhythm section performs simplistically. This minimalistic arrangement leaves room for the occasional vocal run or guitar lick to elevate the track.

Of course, every great soul song is not complete without a line of pure wisdom. In the outro, we are reminded “You’re going to reap just what you sow.” On this track, Green has sown a worthy addition to his monumental catalogue. Take a listen to “Perfect Day” below.

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