Andy Frasco & the U.N. — “Dancin’ Around My Grave”: DJ Pick of the Week

Photo by Andrew Hutchins Photography

Andy Frasco & the U.N. released “Dancin’ Around My Grave” last month, a lighthearted exploration of life, death, and the loved ones we leave behind. It’s upbeat and breezy, with a soft acoustic guitar and happy, chorus-like vocals. Tune in today as we feature “Dancin’ Around My Grave” as Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week!

The song includes vocals from bands who also originate from the Charleston, South Carolina scene. It slows down as Kanika Moore of Doom Flamingo sings a heartfelt, soulful bridge. Susto’s Justin Osborne also hops onto the vocals to add some harmony.

“Dancin’ Around My Grave” is an optimistic appreciation of life, with a plea to Frasco’s family and friends to “celebrate what we had” instead of mourning his death. This concept is displayed best by the song’s fun music video. It shows scenes from Frasco’s fake funeral, including photoshopped photos of what his future kids and grandkids will look like, a casket covered in Lakers yellow and purple, and plenty of dance moves around an otherwise ordinary gravestone. Check it out below!

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