Arlo Parks – “Weightless”: Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week


Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the week is “Weightless” by Arlo Parks! “Weightless” is the latest single release on Arlo Parks’ upcoming album, “My Soft Machine.” This will be Parks’ second studio album and it will debut on May 26, 2023.

One of the themes of this upcoming album is “the viscera of being in love for the first time,” as described by Parks. This song encapsulates that exact feeling. Parks touches on the codependency we can fall into in relationships. The chorus states, “I don’t wanna wait for you, but I need you so I won’t go.” Despite recognizing a lack of effort and affection from the other person, sometimes we grasp onto the good times. Many of us can probably relate to this feeling of being blinded by our love for someone. Another good example of this is in the first pre-chorus: “You’re closed off, I’m so drained. But I sparkle in the rare case that you tell me I’m your sun ray.”

No doubt, “Weightless” will make you want to roll your windows down and scream the lyrics. The complex relatability partnered with its catchy melody and R&B beat is what makes “Weightless” a must-listen.

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