Catfish and the Bottlemen “Showtime” – Steph’s DJ Pick of the Week

Catfish and the Bottlemen
Catfish and the Bottlemen "Showtime" - Steph's DJ Pick of the Week

Steph’s DJ Pick this week is the newest track from Catfish and the Bottlemen – “Showtime!” 

“Showtime” is a monumental track. It’s the bands first release in five years, following their last full length album The Balance in 2019. The track is the perfect start to their newest era. With a booming melody, intricate percussion, and memorable guitar licks, “Showtime” reminds fans of the pure talent of the band. 

Since their humble beginnings in 2007, the British indie rock band has been able to dominate the charts. Their discography is calming and nostalgic- something they’ve marketed on with “Showtime.” The song, in this way, is a proud reveal of their return to the industry. The band is back and more committed to the music than ever. 

Their return comes alongside the announcement of summer headline shows – Cardiff Castle,  Edinburgh Summer Sessions, and Readings & Leeds. These shows will mark their first step into the live music scene since The Balance. Although only two members remain, Van McCann and Benji Blakeway have proved this newest era is a strong one. 

The lyrics are raw and vulnerable – “Get on this / Sometimes when the thing you love is right in front of your eyes / Don’t blink or you’ll miss / Showtime / Before you know it’s going gone and that’s life.” It’s a sonically unique track to welcome fans back to the band, but the lyrics solidify that Catfish and the Bottlemen are back and better than ever. 

Listen to “Showtime” by Catfish and the Bottlemen below!

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