Certainly So “Patience” – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week

Certainly So
Certainly So "Patience" - Casey's DJ Pick of the Week

Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week is Certainly So’s next single, “Patience.”

Set to release this Friday, February 2, the newest single from the Nashville-based band is the perfect indie-rock addition to their discography. This is the band’s first release of the new year and follows their last released song,”Lucid.” 

The post-angst band has perfectly encapsulated the energy of the summer; it’s a warm sounding track with soaring vocals and intricate sonics. The track feels reminiscent of older classic influences, while still sounding new and vibrant. It’s the true art of the band to create something oddly nostalgic and unlike anything you’ve heard before. At almost four minutes long, the song is one that can easily be replayed over and over again. 

From a production standpoint, “Patience” features heavily layered vocals and swelling guitar. It’s the perfect track for lovers of the craft of music- those that love the artistry that comes from the creation process. Perhaps the shining star of the track is the intricate instrumental section that closes out the song. It’s dramatic and almost dreamlike.

Certainly So’s newest single has elements for longtime and new fans to love. The single artwork is eclectic and sits perfectly alongside the artwork for “Lucid.” They’ve created an aesthetic that perfectly visualizes their sound. This aesthetic is one that will most likely play a large role in the band’s upcoming third album. Although not yet announced, the newest album is sure to be laced with songs as beautifully intricate as “Patience” is. 

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