Darren Kiely “Sunrise” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week

Darren Kiely
Darren Kiely "Sunrise" - Dan's DJ Pick of the Week

Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week is Darren Kiely’s “Sunrise.” 

“Sunrise” hails from Kiely’s EP Lost. Sitting in the middle of the seven-track release, “Sunrise” is a vibrant folk-inspired song about hope and determination. The three-and-a half minute track is laced with beautiful imagery. It’s overflowing with the folk-pop genre that is taking over the music industry. In this way, it’s bound to resonate with Lightning 100’s listeners!

Starting with an acoustic guitar, Kiely’s vocals are able to soar on this song. It’s deep and rustic- making the song even more personal for the listener. The lyrics are powerful, but when placed over these instrumentals, feels oddly nostalgic. Perhaps the lyrics that hit me most reigns from the second verse, “They say out there, flowers bloom // I heard it from a girl just passing through // She didn’t stop to look around ‘cause if she did, she’d be here now.” This will hit heavy for every small town listener; it’s a universal experience to feel stuck where you were raised. He writes it beautifully and personally.

Although originally from Ireland, Kiely has a slight Nashville influence since moving here to continue his career. The singer-songwriter notes The Lumineers, Dermot Kennedy, and Mumford & Sons as his influences- and it shows. Although amassing over four million streams on Spotify for “Sunrise” alone, it’s evident he’s writing for himself, not the fame that might come along with it. Overall, his sound is as detailed as his storytelling. His music is truthful, unique, and deeply rooted in the folk world. Although he has not released anything this year yet, his next project is bound to be as personal and memorable as Lost

Listen to “Sunrise” below!

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