Daughter -“Party”: Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week


This week, Stephanie’s DJ pick is “Party” by indie folk band, Daughter. Reigning from London, England, the band consists of members Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli, and Remi Aguilella. Before 2010, Tonra was originally a solo artist. Deciding that wasn’t her style, once she met Haefeli and Aguilella, the band was officially complete. Releasing their debut album If You Leave in 2013, the band received much praise, charting at #16 in the UK. From there, they released their second studio album Not To Disappear in 2016. After writing a soundtrack album for Life is Strange: Before the Storm in 2017, Daughter took a hiatus.

Six years later, the band has returned. Their newest album Stereo Mind Game will make its full debut on April 7, 2023, and features Steph’s DJ pick, “Party.” Making the decision to give up alcohol, “Party” is about Elena Tonra’s fears surrounding addiction and accepting sobriety. Self-aware she’s in denial, Tonra sings “I refuse to believe that there’s a problem. You see I could stop if I want, I just don’t want to yet.” Reflecting on her destructive behaviors she voices, “I’m scared I’ve lost my head. I’m trying to keep my cool. My friends are vanishing.” Faced with the repercussions of her actions she chooses to make a change, not wanting to fall victim to forgetting the best or even the worst nights of her life.

A simpler track, “Party” is primarily composed of guitar, vocals, and drums giving you the opportunity to zero in on the story Tonra is telling. A softer take on the shoegaze genre, the song has a very gloomy feel. However, similar to a thunderstorm, “Party” gives hope for a brighter future.

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