Hoptober 2021 Day 3: Oskar Blues – Death By Coconut


Happy Wednesday everyone! Today’s episode of Hoptober with DJ Jayson and Rhizome Productions’ Matt Leff features a dark brew from Oskar Blues. Oskar Blues is a Brewery in Longmont, Colorado with additional locations in Boulder, Colorado, Brevard, North Carolina, and Austin, Texas. Their brew Death By Coconut features a unique, rich combination of flavors. 

Death By Coconut is an Irish style porter that is brewed with coconut and chocolate. Matt Leff likens the flavor to Almond Joy and Mounds candy bars and describes it as perfect for a chilly night by a bonfire. The brew debuted in 2015 and is available in 12 oz cans as well as on tap. 

Death By Coconut features a coconut aroma with nice carbonation, with the chocolate detectable on the finish. At 6.5% ABV, it’s not especially strong for a dark beer. Matt Leff notes that a common misconception is that dark beers contain higher alcohol content. Leff encourages tasters to not assume that dark beers are heavy.

Oskar Blues makes a wide array of brews, most notably Dave’s Pale Ale. The brewery’s diverse offerings include lagers, sour beer, and barrel aged stouts. In Nashville, Death By Coconut is available locally in liquor stores and will soon be available for sale in Kroger. 

Many thanks to our Hoptober sponsors Rhizome Productions & Lipman Brothers. Keep an eye out for Death By Coconut around Nashville. Looking for more suggestions? Tune in to Lightning 100 at 100.1FM tomorrow at 6:30 am (or for the replay at 6:30 pm) for Wednesday’s episode of Hoptober!