Josiah and the Bonnevilles – “Tennessee Song”: Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week

Photo by Darren Ankenman

This week, Dan’s DJ Pick is “Tennessee Song” by Josiah and the Bonnevilles! Led by Josiah Lemming he got his start playing gigs at 17 years old. Dropping out of school, he drove around the country living out of his car, playing shows all over. Making his way onto American Idol, he caught the eye of music executives, signing a record deal with Warner Bros in 2008. Starting indie folk band Josiah and the Bonnevilles in the 2010s, they released their first EP Cold Blood in 2016. Members include Lemming, Stephen Johnson, and Josh Nyback.

“Tennessee Song” is their latest release. It made its debut on April 7, 2023. From Morristown, Tennessee, Lemming writes about the beauty of where he’s from and how he’s happy to head back. The chorus states, “I am headed to yard of God. The heart of Tennessee. Treasure of the world. Home sweet home to me.” Sentimental and full of love, for those native to Tennessee this song will pull on your heart strings. Lemming’s smooth voice paired with acoustic guitar and harmonica solos make this the perfect campfire song.

While you’re preparing for backyard bashes this summer, don’t forget to add “Tennessee Song” to your playlist!

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