Maya Hawke “Missing Out” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week

Maya Hawke
Maya Hawke "Missing Out" - Dan's DJ Pick of the Week

Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week is the newest single from Maya Hawke, “Missing Out!” 

The release of “Missing Out” marks her first single from her upcoming album, Chaos Angel. Set to release on May 31, this track is the great way to welcome fans into the newest era of Hawke’s discography. It features her usual descriptive songwriting and story-like flow while still bringing something new to the table. 

“Missing Out” follows Hawke’s feelings about feeling older and different than her brother and his friends. She spent a semester living near her brother’s college campus- an attempt to have the stereotypical college experience she had missed. The song, in this way, is a poignant look at the different places we find ourselves in throughout our lives.

Chaos Angel is a ten track record- the third full length release from Hawke. It’s set to feature her usual vulnerable songwriting, but sonics that are more intricate and lush than previous works. Hawke notes it’s a cohesive album following a figure, the chaos angel, navigating the world as a believed god of love, but leaving wreckage in their wake instead. A vulnerable and unique storyline will lace each track together to create the beauty of this album. If “Missing Out” is any indication of the album as a whole, it is bound to be a cathartic and sonically intricate body of work. Although only twenty five, Hawke has this innate ability to write beautifully and poignantly while navigating the world around her. Surely Chaos Angel will highlight this in a poetic and meaningful way. 

Listen to “Missing Out” below!

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