Mel’s DJ Pick of the Week: “Mr. Flight Control” – Death in Venice


Mel’s DJ pick of the week is “Mr. Flight Controller” by the new local supergroup Death in Venice. If you’ve been following this year’s Music City Mayhem, you may have come across some impressive new artists. However, it’s uncommon to find groups without released music, minimal social media presence, and mysterious identity. Presenting the world of Death in Venice, a fresh and enigmatic local supergroup of sorts.

Their debut single, “Mr. Flight Controller,” has just been released earlier this month, following their introduction in MCM. Despite not being able to disclose their identity, they speak with mesmerizing indie and alt-rock sounds. Death in Venice is a fusion of “Vampire Weekend, The Strokes, and Grouplove, at a Neon Trees house party.” This is fitting, as the debut track captivates us with its polished production, euphoric harmonies, and electrifying alternative rock elements.

In an interview with No Country for New Nashville, the three released this statement alongside the single, “Death in Venice are thrilled to release their debut single Mr. Flight Controller into the mortal realms! We hope you play it loud enough to wake the Underworld! Death in Venice was born out of 3 friends wanting to reconnect to the joy of making music without any rules! No one puts Death in the corner. The trio are excited to join the ever-expanding alternative music scene in Nashville and will be collaborating with many other talented mortals in the coming months.”

We look forward to all the cryptic local group has in store. Listen to “Mr. Flight Controller” down below!

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