Myron Elkins – “Nashville Money”: Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week


Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Nashville Money” by Myron Elkins! Elkin’s new album “Factories, Farms, & Amphetamines,” released on January 13, 2023 features “Nashville Money.” Six-time Grammy-winning music producer Dave Cobb produced the tracks. Best known for producing Chris Stapleton, Brandi Carlisle, and John Prine, this album is sure to be a hit record!

Myron Elkins is definitely an upcoming artist to keep your eye on. At only 21 years old, he blows away listeners with the voice and wisdom of someone way beyond his years. Growing up in Otsego, Michigan, Elkins was on track to becoming a welder. It wasn’t until he was 17 that he considered being a professional musician. “Factories, Farms, & Amphetamines” dissects Elkins’ experience growing up in Michigan in the working class and his experiences as a newer musician.

“Nashville Money” has a classic rock feel with a country twang and a hint of blues. Myron Elkins calls out the controlling nature of the music industry with the lyrics, “Show me where and how to put my pain with that Nashville money.” He notes how success always comes at a price. Although the “Nashville Money” is going to “take care of [his] hopes and dreams/make a big star out of [him],” there is the cost of artistic integrity.

If you love artists like Johnny Cash or Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, you’ll love Myron Elkins!

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