Nightjacket – “Don’t Say a Word”: Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week


This week, Stephanie’s DJ Pick is “Don’t Say a word” by Nightjacket! Hailing from Los Angeles, Nightjacket is an alternative quintet. Previously led by another musician, lead singer Andrea Wasse hadn’t joined the band until 2020. Having only listened to a few songs of theirs, Wasse just knew she wanted to join the band. Jumping straight into writing with Wasse, Nightjacket soon released their first EP with the new lineup, Following the Curves.

“Don’t Say a Word” is Nightjacket’s latest single released on August 26, 2022. The song has a classic dream-pop sound reminiscent of bands like Beach House, Slow Pulp, and The Japanese House. Originally written for a solo project, Wasse brought “Don’t say a Word” to the band to shape it into a “Nightjacket tune.” Wasse explains that at the time of writing, she was in a new relationship, so that euphoric feeling was the inspiration for most of the songs from that project.

Romanticizing the honeymoon phase, this song is about the excitement of a new connection and not wanting it to end. Wasse’s soft, but powerful voice sings, “Swear I’ve never felt this way before. Like it won’t hurt. When the drug wears off just give me more.” Wasse longs to stay in an elated state with this person. She doesn’t want them to “say a word” and ruin the night they just had, asking them to “hush now baby, kiss [her] first.” With a shoegaze-y guitar melody and intoxicating drum beat “Don’t Say a Word” is the perfect song for an indie film soundtrack.

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