The Brummies “Best Of Me” – Local Artist of the Week


This week’s Frothy Monkey local artist of the week is The Brummies! This Nashville band has been releasing some amazing singles throughout the past year. This includes their most recent release, “Best Of Me,” which came out on April 28th.

With this indie-pop jam, the band continues to build hype for their upcoming third album. Understated verses lead into a chorus that washes over you with layered instrumentaition and reverb. Melancholy and regretful lyrics make for a moody and angsty song under the guise of relaxing bedroom pop. The song’s story is a simple and relatable one. We hear the narrator stressing about saying and doing the wrong thing when he means no harm. It asks a question we’ve all had at some point: “Why do my feelings get the best of me?” It’s an example of how sometimes a story is better told by asking a question rather than pretending to know all the answers.

The song hints at a departure for the band away from previous indie-rock tendencies and more toward nostalgic synths and keys. It follows the style of their April 2022 single “Cosmic Space Girl” that wraps listeners up in harmonies and slow, gentle instrumentation in just the same way. Whatever sound you prefer for the band, you’re in luck—the band is on the road right now. You can catch The Brummies playing the main stage of Musician’s Corner in Centennial Park at the end of the week. The band will take the stage this Saturday afternoon at 4:45 p.m.

Tune in all week to hear “Best Of Me” by local artist The Brummies! You can check out the band’s website here for more. Be sure to check out the song below: