The Heavy – “Hurricane Coming”: Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week


Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Hurricane Coming’ by The Heavy. We’ve heard lots from the English rock band over the years, having their songs progress internationally and densely populate the media. The band took a long hiatus after finishing tour in 2019 and began working on their newest record, AMEN, shortly after. The first single of their recently announced project, “Hurricane Coming,” is the beginning of a new chapter for the vets. They claim it is some of their best work yet.

“Hurricane Coming” is an energetic burst of funky bold riffs and classically smooth vocal stylings. These elements blend together to create a striking rock sound. This sound is a small glimpse of the dense sonic soundscape to anticipate from their next record. Lyrically, the track references experiences from hurricane Irma back in 2017 and doubles as a mantra for the group’s return. Accompanying the track, the single cover and video are both refreshingly retro and authentic to their definitive image. In the video, the band takes us into a studio session to see some of the recording processes. The video is especially nostalgic, with overlaying film burns and old JVC effects.

The new album, AMEN, is out on April 21st with ten tracks showcasing the band’s energy and style.

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