AHI backstage at Pilgrimage Festival


AHI (pronounced “eye”) is an indie-soul/alt-folk songwriter from Brampton, Ontario. Adam caught him for an interview on Saturday before his set was rained out. His July release, In Our Time, has caught the attention of many with its stirring thematic optimism and AHI’s “gravel on silk” voice. Listen to the first track, “Breakin’ Ground”, for just one glimpse of his unyielding spirit: “I’ve been told I’m worthless / So much that it gave me purpose.”

AHI bonded with Adam about emerging from small-town obscurity. “You have to go above and beyond to get noticed,” he says of both cities and small towns, having experienced the trials of the Toronto music scene and his hometown. Of good music, he says honesty is key. “Honesty has substance…You can almost touch it. There’s certain artists, you know when they hit a song that means something to them.”

In 2013, AHI posted a cover of “No Woman No Cry” featuring his eager 3-year-old daughter. The Marley family themselves saw the video, featured it on the official Bob Marley website, and Mrs. Rita Marley sent a personal note to AHI praising the cover.

AHI has two dates lined up at the Ryman in 2019 (March 17th-18th) with Lauren Daigle. Check out his backstage interview.