Ben Folds performs The Ascent of Stan, Landed, Not a Fan, and Phone in a Pool at RCA studio

Ben Folds
Photo by Morgan Yingling

It only took us 7 years to get Ben Folds on Live On The Green Music Festival…and it was worth the wait.  Ben Folds headlined the final night of the Live On The Green series in 2015.  It was not only the final night, it was Ben Folds birthday!

Ben was nice enough to invite some Lightning 100 listeners to his RCA studio to talk about his recently released album, So There.  He said when he first looked at buying RCA Studio, “there was nothing in there. When I walked in there wires hanging out of the floor and walls, the doors were open. It was pretty much ghost town.” The studio is now full of his own pianos, beautiful high ceilings, and white lights strung all over the staircase.

Everyone was seated around Ben on his old Steinway Piano. DJ Lt. Dan started the show by discussing the new album So There. It’s eight chamber pop songs, recorded mainly in the studio, created with yMusic Ensemble, and performed with Nashville Symphony. Ben played tracks from the album: “Phone in a Pool”, “Not A Fan”, ”The Ascent of Stan” and “Landed”.  Which live performance is your favorite?  Leave a comment below!


  1. Favorite: Ascent of Stan
    Phone in a Pool
    Not A Fan
    …in that order.

    Not A Fan reminds me of Elvis Costello (North album) 🙂

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