The Brummies perform Drive Away [video]


Formerly “John & Jacob”, The Brummies hung out with Ana lee late last year after coming off tour with NEEDTOBREATHE to discuss their upcoming album and evolution as a band. For years, the full band, named after the John Davidson and Jacob Bryant rocked the stage in suits with the rest of their members Jake Thrasher, Trevor Davis and Austin Smith. They still continue to do so, but now wearing a name that better expresses their unity as a band, and their rock roots – the Brummies; a nickname for people from Birmingham, England. Being from Birmingham, Alabama, they found this an appropriate new name and used their newest singles, “Take Some Time” and “Norway” to debut this new title. They played “Drive Away”, unreleased, and “Take Some Time” live in the studio. They will be releasing a new album and hitting Bonnaroo and Sloss fest later this year.

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