Father John Misty performing “I’m Writing a Novel”, “Holy Shit”, and “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings”


A few lucky fans got to see before his sold out show at Marathon Music Work.  J. Tillman was in a really good mood that day and ended up performing six songs at William Colliers.  Want to see what songs are from the first set?  

Fans of Father John Misty were treated to a special surprise recently when J. Tillman, the man behind the stage name, performed an impromptu set at William Colliers, a Nashville bar located just down the street from Marathon Music Works, where Tillman was scheduled to play a sold-out show later that evening.

Tillman, who is known for his dry wit and sardonic lyrics, seemed to be in a particularly good mood that day. He chatted with fans and even took requests, which he said he doesn’t normally do. He ended up playing six songs, including crowd favorites like “I’m Writing a Novel,” “Holy Shit,” and “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings.”

For those who missed the pre-show performance, don’t worry – it was captured on video and can be found online. This particular video is part two of the performance, which includes the aforementioned songs. Fans can also find part one of the performance online, which features more of Tillman’s signature wit and humor.  Check out part 2 of his performance featuring “I’m Writing a Novel”, “Holy Shit”, and “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings”.  

Father John Misty’s music is known for its mix of folk, rock, and indie-pop, as well as Tillman’s introspective and often sarcastic lyrics. He first gained fame as the drummer for Fleet Foxes before embarking on a solo career under the moniker Father John Misty.

Since his debut album “Fear Fun” in 2012, Tillman has released six albums under the Father John Misty name, including his most recent album “God’s Favorite Customer” in 2018. He has been praised for his songwriting and storytelling abilities, as well as his live performances, which are known for their energy and humor.

The impromptu performance at William Colliers is just one example of Tillman’s willingness to connect with his fans and share his music in unexpected ways. He has been known to perform in unusual venues, such as laundromats and coffee shops, and often interacts with fans on social media.

For those who missed the sold-out show at Marathon Music Works, the pre-show performance at William Colliers was a special treat. It was a chance to see Tillman up close and personal, in a small, intimate setting, and to experience his music in a way that was both unexpected and unforgettable.

Overall, Father John Misty continues to be a unique and compelling voice in the indie music scene, and his recent pre-show performance at William Colliers is just one more example of his willingness to connect with his fans and share his music in unexpected ways.  Click here to watch the previous performance.

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