Music Video Premiere: After The Glowin – ØZWALD

ØZWALD Press Photo
ØZWALD Press Photo

Jason Wade was only fifteen-years-old when he co-founded the band Lifehouse with his neighbors. The band rose to fame, and sold over fifteen million singles worldwide. Steve Stout, the touring guitarist for the band Lifehouse, connected very well musically and personally with Wade, leading them to the forming of their band ØZWALD in 2018.

With the release of their first single as a duo, “Technicolour Sky,” ØZWALD came to life. Since then, the band has released three full length albums––Sweet Delirium and Born In A State in 2019, and Head Movies this past June. 

ØZWALD’s first album, Sweet Delirium, is described as a “modern-vintage kaleidoscope of sound,” which is just what we like here at Lightning 100. The duo said in an interview that the album was written and recorded in just 12 days: Sweet Delirium describes the bittersweet feeling of putting a troubled relationship behind you despite still being completely twisted about it mentally.”

The duo’s second album follows in similar footsteps to their first: hauntingly beautiful, nothing like Lifehouse has ever released before, and sounds as if it should be played on a turntable from the 60s. All three of the LA transplants’ albums blend vintage sounds with a modern twist. ØZWALD seems to know just the appropriate amount of electronica and effects to add to their pop-rock songwriting form. 

And that is exactly why we love “After The Glowin” from Head Movies so much. 

This single is off of their brand new third LP, Head Movies. This record release combines 70’s psychedelia with modern alt-rock; it sounds like an experimental mesh of Jefferson Airplane and Two Door Cinema Club. This single starts with an eerie intro and kicks into a high energy hook that is addicting. This song is one you can keep on repeat and not get sick of. You’re left wanting more, especially around the two-minute mark when the gritty guitar solo kicks up. 

“After the Glowin” is a short and sweet single that takes you back to the early 2010s during the golden age of alt-rock. The music video is a trippy mix of clips shot in B-Horror film style that show the songwriting process for the new EP. After watching this video, you feel like you have a more intimate look at who ØZWALD is and the joy that went into making this new record. Head Movies truly takes the listener on a journey mixed with nostalgia and excitement through a kaleidoscope of psychedelic sounds and lyrics. Check out the new video for “After the Glowin” and don’t miss the new release, Head Movies.