The Record Company performs Off The Ground, Hard Day Coming Down, and Rita Mae Young [audio]


The Record Company by Brian Waters Photography-7202It doesn’t happen that often, but Lightning 100 had a love at first listen reaction to The Record Company.  Lt. Dan chats with the guy about growing up on a far in Wisconsin, assembling their recording equipment off craiglist, and the number one rule…..listen to your wife.

Click here to listen to full interview with The Record Company

I want to say, thank you Nashville for supporting the song[Off The Ground].  It’s done a lot of great stuff for us and we really appreciate the support. – Chris Vos

From the debut album “Give It Back To You” on Concord Records.

The Record Company Website:

Available on CD / LP / Digital

Directed by Kelly Teacher and The Record Company
Additional live footage: Kim Zsebe

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