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After the stellar Sounds Like Summer concert at The Cannery Ballroom last weekend, Lightning 100 and Miller Lite are heading down to Cannery Row yet again to bring you the 5th annual Miller Made Music Showcase, featuring a plethora of great local talent this Saturday night. Just like you, we here at Lightning 100 like to have a good time, which is why the event is totally free for everyone over 21 years of age. All of the bands are completely independent, so bring your friends and come show your support for some of the most exciting acts Nashville has to offer.


64025_10151312410319617_1930965034_nBlackfoot Gypsies

Despite the fact that they met on craigslist, there is nothing shady or uncomfortable about their music. Out of all the two-piece rock bands that call music city home, The Blackfoot Gypsies are certainly the most upbeat bluesmen this town has to offer. This band has been picking up steam in the past year due to their exhilarating live shows and off-the-wall, throwback appearance. Their debut album On the Loose dropped in 2012, and you can see what these guys are all about right here.


The Gills

Had the Beatles stuck around long enough to sport flannel shirts and combat boots, they might have sounded something like The Gills. Moving from Pensacola to their new home base here in Nashville was a good move for this dynamic group of musicians. Having a knack for songwriting that ebbs and flows without sacrificing instrumental chops makes this band an act you do not want to miss. If for whatever reason you find yourself thinking “I really like the Gills, but I wish they would dress in drag more often”, have no fear. You can check out them out sporting sundresses and unshaved legs in their newest music video.


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The Future – Baby Your Golden

THEFUTUREBACKGROUNDLOGOEveryone is curious to what the Future will bring. Is it honest? Is it urgent? Is it enduring? The Future brings all this and more with their contagious, tightly layered tracks that will force even the most inept soul to cut a rug.

If you fused the dynamic vocal style of Prince with Spoon’s tight minimalist pop hooks and a bit of Arcade Fire’s heights of grandeur, you’d kindle a spark that is the Future.
The indie-pop quartet is made up of brothers, Adam and Jordan Culver, and childhood friend Eric Sadowsky, who left their native North Dakota to pursue their music careers. Picking up Bryan Feece in Bloomington, Indiana, the foursome then settled into the intimate, yet competitive Nashville music scene.
“Being in a band with my brother and two life-long friends is great because we don’t have any problems with ego or arguing. Everyone just wants what’s best for the song,” says bassist Jordan Culver.
Frontman, Adam Culver’s compelling vocal caliber and volatile stage presence is tempered by Jordan Culver’s smooth bass melodies and slow builds. Guitarist, Eric Sadowsky’s artistry provides a sturdy yet delicate touch, reflective of his classic rock and funk influences, while drummer Bryan Feece’s expertise stems from a passion for precision and improvisation of art rock.  Together, the Future produces a powerful and engaging listening experience, be it live or from the studio.
“The live shows are like an eruption to me,” says singer Adam Culver. “I don’t know what it feels like for the crowd, but for us it’s all spasm and catharsis. We don’t have any choice in the matter, we have to play these songs like our lives depend on it. Which I guess they do.”  The Future plans to release a single each month, which will be available in a limited physical run of 25 artistic handmade covers each.  “If one person will sing the song back at me, all is right in the world for those three minutes,” Adam says.

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The Future

Song: Pay No Mind
Album: Grow Young
Air Date: 1/2/12
Official website here


The Future

Song: Pay No Mind
Album: Grow Young
Air Date: 9/12/11
Official Website


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