Jake Vroon – Coming Home Soon [Internal Affairs]


Hey it’s intern Callie!

The first edition of Internal Affairs, aired on 11/7/14, features Jake Vroon, a twenty-year-old singer-songwriter hailing from Grand Rapids, MI. Vroon can be identified as one of those dorm room wonders, producing his first album with his Belmont University roommate Mike Arnoult. They called it On to California, and released it in the spring of 2013.The LP features catchy and sonically diverse tunes about love, moving on, and finding the true meaning of home. “Coming Home Soon,” the second track on the album, tells the tale of a homesick traveler who performs the titular action to be reunited with his love. The main musical theme is dominated by a raging harmonica that almost seems to mimic the waves of the Pacific Ocean, rising and falling over beds of banjo, slide guitar and delicate mandolin.

I am a big fan of Jake Vroon’s style and the boldness of his debut album. One of my favorite things about it is how there is a little something for every listener, whether it be a soulful blues riff, pumping bass drum, or swoon-worthy vernacular. This week I chose “Coming Home Soon” because of the glorious weather and the way this song makes me feel as it plays through my car speakers with the windows down. After listening one time through, I couldn’t get it out of my head, which I take as an excellent indicator that it is there for a reason and is supposed to be shared.  Give it a listen on iTunes or Spotify, and know that you heard it first here on Lightning 100!

Jake Vroon upcoming shows: 12/9/2014 at The End