Brews Summer Style 2020: Ep. 3 – Yazoo Calla IPA

Yazoo Calla IPA

Yazoo Calla IPA by Yazoo Brewing Company

Today, Matt and Jayson are kickin’ it locally with a can of Calla IPA from Yazoo Brewing Company stationed right here in Nashville. 

This limited-run local brew only comes out for the warmer months and will be gone before the leaves start to turn. AKA, you have until the end of summer to stock up, so act fast!

From the Calla’s foam down to the notes of the brew, this is not your typical IPA. Yazoo’s Calla IPA bursts with a tropical smack of tangerine and grapefruit but finishes with a soft body that goes down smoothly.

Don’t settle for an average beer. Lightning 100 has your craft cravings covered with today’s episode of Brews, Summer Style. You’re gonna wanna try this beer ASAP!

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Written by Cate Burgan.