“Good Time” Grace Potter – Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week


Jayson’s DJ pick this week is “Good Time” by Grace Potter! 

This song, just released on June 23rd, serves as the second single from Potter’s upcoming album, Mother Road. “Good Time” is exactly as fun as its title suggests—but this is more than just a party song. The narrator is mourning younger years gone by, when the world felt limitless: “Why’s there always gotta be a window in between me / And everything, and everyone I wanna see?” It’s a song perfect for anyone feeling trapped or restricted by expectations.

“Good Time” is a country, blues, pop and rock jam through and through. It combines so many styles, creating something fresh and ready to be added to any roadtrip or house party playlist. A soulful chorus backs up Potter’s vocals, transporting listeners to a raucous house party where everyone’s singing along.

The song ends with a short spoken scene where the police have come to break the party up. When the door is answered, we hear an investigator inquire about a runaway child. The track ends with a loud gasp, leaving us on a cliffhanger to see where the next track in the album will take us. The wait should be over in just a few months, when the album comes out on August 18th. Meanwhile, you can get tickets to Potter’s upcoming tour here.

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