“No Child Wet Behind – Diaper Fundraiser”


Nashville Diaper Connection is Nashville’s only diaper bank. What is a diaper bank? Think of a food bank- but for diapers. We’re lucky to have their goodwill in our community because there are 60,000+ families in Nashville that need their help.

There has always been a need for diapers in Nashville, but this need has skyrocketed since the March tornadoes and the Covid-19 outbreak. For those of you who have never had to purchase diapers, they can cost up to $1,000 a year per child. And now with several who have lost their jobs, there are more families in need more than ever.

This Saturday, May 2nd is #NationalBabyDay. To help make sure that every baby in Nashville has clean diapers, Lightning 100 is teaming up with The Nashville Diaper Connection to promote their cause.

$1 Donation = $2.50 worth of diapers

$10 Donation = 2 babies’ emergency supply of diapers

They have the ability to stretch your buying power, if you wanted to give back to the babes of Nashville, this is a great way to do it!

Listen to Doug Adair, president of The Nashville Diaper Connection, discuss their mission with Jayson below:


  1. Thank you Jason and Lightning 100 for supporting Nashville Diaper Connection, all the people that work there are amazing and are doing great work. Tots Aloud Soft Play Party Rentals just donated!


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